The Birth of Dance with Equus

When I turned 40, I thought it was getting to late for me to have children. I had always wanted children, little did I realize that my child would not be human. Not having a husband or partner, I had my GP make a referral to the fertility clinic, so I could have a child on my own. Several visits and tests later, I learned that both my Fallopian tubes were blocked and could not be unblocked and decided IVF was not an option for me. I was devastated upon hearing this news. It is only now, 8 years later, that I have come to terms with what is, although there are some days that a pang of pain hits. This past year I've been on a journey, a healing journey with the help of several horses and a skilled psychotherapist. I will be writing about my journey in my blog. For now, I will say that the birth of Dance with Equus is a result of the journey I've been on for sometime, searching, for what I did not know until this past year. This journey has been laborious and the result is not the big healthy boy I gave birth to in a dream, but rather the birth of Dance with Equus. This is my new child, that I have know put forth in to the world. I've always been in some kind of helping/teaching role, now my role is to assist others in becoming their best self with the help of Horse.