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Our programs facilitate self-discovery and transformation, empowering you to be your best self and live your best life. Our aim is for you to create your own internal music to guide your life's dance. We offer programs at locations in England and Canada.

The only journey is the journey within.
— Rainer Maria Rilke

Dance of Equus is about relationships, movement, nature and energy. This is learning how to be in relationship with horse, which assists us in being in relationship with our self and others. Learning to tune in to our energy assists us in shifting this energy to create more balance in life, moving block energy to create more flow, tuning in to our energy centres to create more harmony and being aware of our energy for self-regulation and allowing us to respond rather than react to our environment.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response is our growth and our freedom.
— Viktor Frankl

Spending time in nature has numerous benefits to us physically and psychological, such as lowering blood pressure, improving sleep, boosting serotonin levels (our feel good neurotransmitter), improving attention span, among many more. Movement benefits our mind and body. Young children require movement to help in the development of healthy brains, but people of all ages benefit from movement. It increases blood flow throughout the body and brain improving our cognitive function and helps reduce stress, which are just two of the many benefits movement has on our psychological well-being. By engaging our muscles we maintain our strength and ability to move, thus benefiting our physical well-being. 


Reiki for Humans

A complementary therapy for humans using universal life energy to help the body physically, emotionally or spiritually.

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A movement practice for humans, using spontaneous dance, to specific chakra-resonant music, for the purpose of healing and re-tuning your energy system.


Reiki for Horses & Humans

A complementary therapy for horses and their humans to facilitate energy balancing, flow and harmony.


Life Coaching

Life coaching aims to support and empower individuals to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals. 

Equine Facilitated Learning

An experiential approach that integrates horse-human interaction to provide a learning experience for self-discovery, transformation and developing skills for life.

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Back to Nature

Spending time in nature has numerous benefits to us physically and psychologically.


All photography by Nancy Winton